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The Goldentyre Company

The GOLDENTYRE brand started life in the early 80s from the joint experience and competencies of a group of technicians specialized in the development and construction of tyres.
In 2004 the brand was bought up by BUYMEC S.r.l., a young, dynamic company from Bientina, Pisa, specializing in the production and distribution of motorcycle products. From that moment onwards it began its ascent through the ranks of the most prestigious, international competitions and markets. In  2007 GOLDENTYRE introduced the TUBELESS tyre to the world of motocross for the very first time. It was a truly innovative idea that became a milestone in the off road sector.  
After more than twenty years on the market, under the aegis of the GOLDENTYRE brand,  Buymec developed numerous models and created products with great value for money as their prominent feature, making them highly competitive in major worldwide markets.  Side by side with the development and innovation taking place in the off road sector the  GOLDENTYRE strategic management team never once stopped pursuing publicity, promotional and sponsorship projects geared to reaching impressive goals. For several years they have had a partnership with Youth Stream in the World Motocross Championships and the Nations Trophy and, on the strength of their collaboration with DBO, Offroad Pro Racing and Axiver as well as other promoters on Italian turf, in 2010 they reached their first, major target becoming the exclusive suppliers of supermoto monotyres for all the most prestigious national and international competitions. All the riders competing in the World Supermoto  Championships, the Italian Supermoto Championships and the Centro Italia Supermoto Trophy did indeed race with these best performing tyres specially designed for ‘slide’ events. Today, the GOLDENTYRE brand is able to meet the requirements of a large number of heterogeneous users who can choose from the many products in an extremely well stocked catalogue.

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The GOLDENTYRE range comprises tyres and derivatives for major two-wheel sectors and more besides.  All users following major motorcycling events such as  Motocross, Minicross, Enduro, Supermoto, Scooter, Speedway and Minimoto, can find products to serve all kinds of requirements, as can  ATV, Kart and lightweight vehicle users who will be able to find the best products suited to them from the GOLDENTYRE catalogue. The company pays special attention to each individual event, carrying out an unceasing search for  best quality performance through the careful study of the designs and compounds employed for every single tyre produced. With the extensive experience they have acquired over the years, the design, planning and formulation of the compounds used for the various different tyres are carried out by GOLDENTYRE’s own technicians directly.

Research and Innovation

Geared towards the pursuit of ever more advanced solutions and the attainment of the highest standards of quality,  GOLDENTYRE studies and develops its products based on innovative concepts which it tests directly on the racing grounds of major motorcycling events. With the support of professional teams who every day and after every race provide the company with a huge supply of data, GOLDENTYRE technicians can optimize the product to high levels of performance, tried and tested under extreme conditions and respecting the requirements of their many, diverse users. In line with the claim where others fear to treaddisplayed at all National and International competitions, GOLDENTYRE has  introduced previously unheard of new products to the off road world. In 2007, in close collaboration with ALPINA Raggi,  manufacturers of the STS Tubeless system and with Excel, who make rims specifically for tubeless use GOLDENTYRE developed the technology in an innovative way, applying it to the off road sector with immediately satisfying, high profile results. Thanks to the support of professionals. In the world of racing competitions the main objective was soon reached: to make TUBELESS tyre performance the best and most reliable for offroad use.
Graham Jarvis was the first rider to use these tyres in Extreme Enduro races achieving excellent results.GOLDENTYRE’s team of technicians have many times taken part in the motocross world championships with Anthony Boissiere (Team HDI – KTM), the rider who for the very first time in motocross history brought tubeless tyres without added mousse to the winning podium. The system is constantly being developed by the team who now use TUBELESS technology combined with cut-resistant, kevlar belts, which make this tyre of the future all the more reliable and lightweight. At the same time and in addition to the success of the Tubeless system, the company has also developed Mousse, the puncture-preventive system already being used by many Enduro and Motocross riders. This is a circular,  sausage-shaped substance which is inserted into the tyre to avoid the risk of punctures even over sharp rocks and on particularly hazardous terrain. Goldentyre is the first brand of Mousse specially made for Minicross and is available in all sizes for all categories. Thanks to a strong collaboration with the Italian Motorcycle Federation and to relaunch this very important sector, all the competitors in the Italian Minicross Championships in 2012 and 2013 will exclusively be using Goldentyres.

Quality Control

Besides research and innovation, GOLDENTYRE’s strategic approach is also expressed in the strict quality control performed on the product. The Quality Control system is well-integrated and constantly being improved to achieve and maintain set product performance targets and its efficiency guarantees product excellence and maximum reliability even in extreme conditions.

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